Founder of Mother Hustler Tees

If you know anything about Amber Vassell,  she is the definition of a Mother Hustler.  Throughout the years, she's met many mothers just like her who were raising families, building legacies, and trying to juggle it all. As a mother of two young boys, she decided to start Mother Hustler Tees (MHT) because she believed  that becoming a mother shouldn't be the death of your dreams.  MHT is a movement crafted to inspire mothers, build community, and let the world know that mothers are the celebrities in their household. 

Mother Hustler Tees offers custom comfy tees & apparel that exudes comfort and style. Our sole mission is to uplift, inspire & encourage mothers to keep hustlin, keep grindin, and keep pursuing their passion and purpose. 

Being a part of our #MHTGang means you are a mom who is  confident in what she says, what she does and of course what she wears. Remember to keep hustlin' mama God built you for this!